5th Sustainable Food Summit in


In its 5th year, the Sustainable Food Summit brings together leading food brands, entrepreneurs, investors and all the other stakeholders, including the public and civil society, in order to raise awareness in the sector in line with the aim of healthy, reliable and accessible food for everyone and to accelerate the sustainability transformation in food systems.

Within the theme of "THE FUTURE OF FOOD", in order to share new ideas, develop effective partnerships and bring new solutions to the most urgent problems of the food systems, many issues from consumer behavior to transparent and responsible supply chain, packaging to food waste, climate change to sustainable agriculture, innovation to nutrition are brought under the spotlight.

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This year, across full day of panels, 2nd NUTRITION: BETTER FOOD side event and parallel tracks (Sustainable Agriculture and Innovation & Technology), all stakeholders of the food sector come together to share their ideas, inspire, develop effective partnerships and bring new solutions to the most urgent problems of the food system.

What Will Be Discussed in the Summit?

Sustainable Food Summit 2019 aims to pioneer today's food-related problems with a holistic approach. Population growth, climate change, human health, resource management, sustainability and food security are independent areas of science and research, as well as important political issues and exciting business opportunities. This year the summit will focus on the transformation of food systems; from consumer behavior to transparent and responsible supply chain, packaging to food waste, climate change to sustainable agriculture, innovation to nutrition.

Sürdürülebilir Tarım

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture Applications 

İklim Değişikliği ve Kaynak Verimliliği

Climate Change and Resource Productivity

Carbon Management, Energy Efficiency, Water Management 

Şeffaf ve Sorumlu Tedarik Zinciri

Transparent and Responsible Supply Chain

End-to-end Supply Chain, Packaging, Logistic 


Sustainable Food Retail


İnovasyon ve Teknoloji

Innovation and Technology

Digitalization, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Biotechnology, Startups 



Healthy, Conscious, Personalized Nutrition, Local Foods and Culture 

Gıda Atıkları

Food Waste

Reduction, Transformation, Recycling 

Sorumlu İletişim ve Pazarlama

Responsible Communication and Marketing

Brand Trust, Customer Royalty, Consciousness Raising 

Yatırım ve Finansman

Investment & Financing

Capital, Credits and Funds 

Yasalar ve Yönetmelikler

Laws and Regulations

Policies, Incentives 

2nd Year of NUTRITION: BETTER FOOD Side Event

The growing social and cultural dimensions of nutrition, such as increased health problems caused by dietary habits, increasing popularity of personalized diets, the dual reflection of fast consumption patterns on food sector, prove that dietary habits and food policies need to be reviewed once again.

In the 2nd year of NUTRITION: BETTER FOOD side event, we will come together to discuss the intersection of health and nutrition in many different sessions, from nutritional awareness to personalized diets, local food culture to gastronomy, innovative and organic foods to alternative nutritional models, plant-based proteins to the role of foods in health.

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October 17, 2019

Fairmont Quasar Istanbul

Fairmont Quasar Istanbul

Fulya Mahallesi, Büyükdere Cd.
Quasar Tower No:76,
34394 Şişli/İstanbul



In order to shape the future of food, national and international experts from the fields of business, public, science and civil society come together with the Sustainable Food Summit.

  • Food Industry Representatives
  • Communication & Marketing Professionals
  • Retail and Logistics Representatives
  • Food Industry Suppliers
  • Investors and Financiers
  • Digital Technology Suppliers
  • Hotel & Restaurant Professionals
  • Auditing & Certification Representatives
  • Gastronomy Professionals
  • Nutritionists
  • University & NGO Representatives
  • Young Entrepreneurs
    and all other stakeholders…


How Sustainable Food Summit 2019 is Carbon Neutral Summit?

Sustainable Food Summit 2019 is organized as a Carbon Neutral Event with the aim of raising awareness on all sides, ensuring environmental awareness and reducing environmental impacts for a sustainable future.

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